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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 October 26

Words:  4,990

Tags:  anilingus, blow job, consensual sex, cunninglus, double dildo, fellatio, Female/Female, lesbian love, message, oral sex, rimming,  undressing ritual, toys, snowballing

Under The Desk

ISBN: 978-13-70695478

Two women deeply in love. Each one would do anything for each other. For the last two weeks, Teri has been working nonstop, 24/7, trying to get a very important presentation finished up. Sue couldn’t wait for the presentation to be over with so they could take their long-awaited vacation to St. Thomas.

While Teri furiously types away at her computer, Sue stands there admiring her best friend and lover since Prep school. Her mind drifts back in time, relishing every memory of her time with Teri, through the fun times, the sad times, the hard times, and easy times. Her favorite memories have been the ones where she cuddles with Teri after having sex.

After so long together, they are in perfect harmony with each other, knowing what the other is thinking, feeling; knowing the likes and dislikes in every aspect of their lives. Every time Sue has one of these fond memories, she can’t help but get wet, especially when those memories relate to their sex lovemaking.

As she stands there watching Teri, she relives the freshest memory, the one from that morning. Waking up with Teri in her arms, which leads to passionate lovemaking before Teri has to get to work. After multiple orgasms from both of them, Teri goes for a shower while Sue picks out the outfit that Teri will wear on this last day at work.

What Sue chooses is simple but eloquent and sexy as hell and when Teri sees what has been picked out for her, she heartily agrees and to show her gratitude, even though will make her late for work, she takes Sue back to bed for another round of lovemaking.

Sue is roused from her daydreaming when Teri exclaims that she is finally finished with the presentation. She just needs to meet with two of her coworkers. Since Sue is not supposed to be there, she hides under Teri’s desk as the two employees sit. While Teri tries to convey her instructions to the workers, Sue has other plans for the meeting.

As soon as Sue opens Teri’s legs, Teri realizes it’s going to be a tough meeting but a very satisfying and rewarding one. When the two employees finally leave but others interrupt, Sue decides that she needs to be involved so what follows has both of them enjoying not only each other but with the intern and female staffer.


I Hot


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