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Published: 2017 October 18

Words:  6,660

Tags:  anilingus, babysitting, consensual sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, Female/Female, Female/Male/Female, lesbian, threesome, oral sex, vaginal sex

More Than Babysitting Money

ISBN: 978-13-70572847

Teri is a young college student struggling to keep up with her bills. Between the rent, her student loans and all the other expenses that comes with being in college it was slowly taking a toll on her. She tried part-time waitress’s jobs but it never fit into her school schedule with studying and such. One day, her roommate suggested that she go back to babysitting like she did in high school to earn some extra money.

Teri wasn’t sure about doing that again, not that she did not like it; in fact, she enjoyed babysitting. She just wasn’t sure she could find time to do it. Not knowing what else to do, she made up a flyer and posted it to numerous supermarket bulletin boards. Within days, she was inundated with babysitting work.

One particular couple that she really liked babysitting for was Sue and Lou. They knew how tough it was to make it through college and they were more than willing to work with her to not only fit their schedule but hers also. Teri loved their kids also because they were very well behaved.

What Teri really liked was how laid-back Sue and Lou was in their relationship. Teri realized right away that Sue and Lou’s were very open with their sexual relationship. Teri never said anything, even when Lou brought home another woman besides Sue, to have sex with.

More than anything, Teri was really starting to enjoy watching their lifestyle and secretly hoping that maybe they would involve her somehow, someway, sometime in their open sexual relationship. Teri thought Sue was totally gorgeous and she loved being around her and talking to her. All topics were always on the table to talk about.

One day, Sue asked Teri on short notice, if she could babysit the kids because she needed to go out unexpectedly. Since Teri only had one class that morning, she said that she could and would be there before 10, which was perfect for Sue.

When Teri arrived, Sue was in the shower so Teri checked on the kids and then went to find Sue to get any final instructions regarding the kids.

When Teri walked into Sue’s bedroom and Sue was standing there naked, Teri knew that by the end of the day, Sue and Lou would teach her a whole new meaning to the word babysitting.


Now I'm all horny now...fuck someone...fuck me hard!


Thanks for this story.  Well written too.


I'm completely wiped out.  This your third story in a row I've read and I'm exhausted ! ! Keep up your great writing

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