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Starting Another Year Of Marriage

A romantic sex exploit from a married couple who love each more now than when they first got married. Tonight, is their anniversary and they wanted to share a quiet dinner together but their friends have thrown them a celebration party at their house. Not wanting to disappoint their friends, they agree to spend their anniversary with their friends knowing that they will have plenty of time to be together after they leave.

For being their anniversary and wanting to spend the evening together, the total opposite has happened. Both Lou and Sue are pulled away from one another by their groups of friends, each drawn in to conversations they patiently listen to and occasionally participate in but each have their minds on what’s going to happen after everyone leaves and they are alone.

Through the whole evening, they stole glances at one another and each knew they were thinking the same thing, only for this party to end. A couple times during the evening they found themselves together in the kitchen but never truly alone. Lou would kiss Sue on her neck and whisper dirty thoughts on what she could expect later. One time, when everyone wasn’t paying attention, Sue dragged Lou into the guest bathroom and hungrily started kissing Lou while her hand went between his legs to massage his cock. They were both so horny, that Lou was instantly hard.

Sue knew they only had a few minutes, so she went to her knees, unzipped Lou’s trousers and pulled out his magnificent cock. As soon it cleared his pants, Sue had to his cock deep throated. The built-up tension between them was overbearing. Each one wanting to pleasure the other. Sue knew this and wanted to relieve some of the buildup that Lou was experiencing.

It only took a couple minutes before Lou gave her his first cocktail of the evening. Sue hungrily slurped up every drop and wanted more but someone was knocking on the door to use the restroom. Sue was giggling as she continued to suck every last drop out of him.

When she finally released him, they both adjusted themselves and open the door. The person was so in need of relieving themselves that they didn’t even noticed or think about that Sue and Lou were in the bathroom together.

At 3:15 AM, everyone finally left. Now their evening would truly begin…

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