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I was a closet author of erotica writing, letting my husband and selected friends read my few dozen erotic and secret desire stories.  But with their encouragement I began self-publishing.

I have mostly written about myself in sexual adventures with my husband as heterosexual couple and our sexual encounters with same lesbian sex, interracial relationship, BDSM, group sex, erotica couplings and voyeurism; my best friend and girlfriend and her sexual exploits whether real or fiction is my inspiration to explore taboo subjects such as incest, student/teacher relationships and other forbidden themes


I like writing most of my stories in 1st person narrative because I feel that writing from women’s perspective creates for more intense, erotic and orgasmic stories. 


When not writing, I enjoy going to the movies, working in my flower beds, cuddling my wonderful  husband on the sofa watching television and cooking with him.  I also enjoy reading erotica and watching all types of adult films.

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