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Kyle Canon


Kyle is the pen name he uses when writing erotic fiction and is also that of the main character in the series 'The Photographer's Story'. Kyle is an avid outdoors man who enjoys running, scuba diving and a good book. He travels North America with his wife, where they are at home roughing it, while hiking backwoods country, or soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach, drinks in hand and bathing suits in the beach bag. Like his main character, Kyle has always enjoyed photography, but his work has been primarily of nature and the beautiful scenery he has witnessed. 

His gorgeous wife helps with the editing, although he is quick to point out any errors are strictly his fault! In addition to the editing, she has supplied some of the ideas for the story line. Many from their own experiences. Writing erotica has been a way to explore some of their own deepest fantasies and share them with others. 
He always enjoys hearing from fans.

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