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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 October 11

Words:  6,860

Tags:  blowjobs, Brother/Sister sex, consensual sex, cum, cunnilingus, dildo, fellatio, Female/Male, fingering, incest, keyhole,  masturbation, oral sex, pussy eating, vaginal sex,  voyeurism, 


ISBN 97-813-70716876

John moved into the garage apartment at his parent’s house thinking he was going to have his own place his senior in high school.  However, his big sister Teri to save money decided move back home and to commute to the university instead of living in the dorm or in an apartment near the campus.

Teri begged and pleaded with her parents that she should live the garage apartment. Their parents decided that since there where two bedrooms, a bathroom with a door that was painted shut to Teri’s bedroom that Teri and John would share the apartment unit together.

John and Teri have always got along well and they have grew up together so it was not too much of problem together.  It was kind of nuisances sharing a bathroom with his sister with bathrobes, towels and such hanging on the antique glass doorknob.

Until one day, Teri re-arranged the furniture in her room moving her bed up against the opposite wall from where it used to be against the bathroom door and John discovered the keyhole!


Very hot!!! Keep up the great work.



Clear and well described, and believable.  You set the scene well, and I could really see it in my imagination.  Definitely one to add to my favorites list!


And a good time was had by all! Well done!

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