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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 August 28

Words:  19,464

Tags:  consensual, cunninglus, first blowjob, fellatio, Female/Female, Female/Male, lesbian, lost virginity, oral sex, vaginal sex

For The Very First Times

ISBN: 978-13-70179671

A young woman on the cusped of her sexual awakening. Sue’s a virgin and she’s tired of hearing about all her friend’s sexual encounters and being teased about it. Not that she was in a hurry to lose her virginity but like all young women, the thought of having sex was a constant reminder that she was a virgin.

The problem wasn’t losing her virginity, the problem was finding the right guy to take her virginity. All of her friends were popular girls but not close so they were not the ones to ask. Her best friend, Teri, was beautiful and Sue was sure if she asked Teri, she would help her find someone but she didn’t want Teri or anyone picking out the person who would deflower her. She felt that was a personal choice and one she needed to make on her own.

One day after getting home from school, her mom asked her to round up her brothers to get cleaned up for dinner. As usual, her brothers were out in the backyard playing basketball. Her brothers were douches and were always picking on her, calling her names. She didn’t mind it because she gave back as much as she was given.

One of her brother’s best friend was playing ball with them and he had always been nice to her, even though she thought he was like her brothers so she really never talked to him that much. That day was different though when he asked her how she was doing and she scoffed at him. When he got mad and asked her what her problem was, she had to think about it because Gil had always been nice to her and she didn’t know why she treated him like crap.

When she stopped and looked at him, she saw someone who actually cared how her day went. As she talked with Gil, she found that she actually liked talking with him and also found him quite attractive. Probably the only reason she hadn’t noticed before was because of her brothers.

That evening, lying in bed, she thought about Gil and how kind he was to her and also, how handsome he was. She decided right then, that Gil would be one to take her virginity. She hatched her plan that night and what Gil didn’t know, he would soon enough.

Sue and Teri were best friends and they shared everything with one another, including telling one another about their sexual exploits with their boyfriends. Teri would complain that her boyfriend, Andy, would never go down on her because he said it was gross, which got her mad and upset. Sue would tell about her boyfriend, Michael, said he was the best at eating pussy but even though he was a very athletic big man, his cock was extremely small compared to the rest of him and he could never satisfy her.

Wherever they hung out, their conversation was mainly about sex. Sometimes, their conversation turned to females that they knew who had sex with other females. Surprisingly, neither one of them found this gross but neither were willing to delve into that subject more deeply.

One Saturday evening, Teri was spending the night at Sue’s, watching TV and basically doing girl stuff and girl talk. They were lying on Sue’s bed next to each other and there was a tension between them that neither had felt before. It was a different type of tension, a sexual tension. Sue always thought that Teri was beautiful and sexy and she always sneaked peeks at her when they were dressing or undressing in PE class.

What Sue didn’t know at that time was that Teri did the same thing with Sue, sneaking peeks while they were in the dressing room. Teri also thought Sue was beautiful and sexy. Like most young women, both had a tendency to look at the other young women to check them out and compare themselves to them to see if their bodies looked as good as the others.

As they laid there in silence, both feeling something different between them, the sexual tension was almost overwhelming. Finally, Teri broke the silence and asked Sue if she ever thought about being with another female. Sue admitted that at times, she had and she asked Teri, if she had ever thought about being with another female.

Teri also admitted that she had thought about it on more than one occasion. Sue was curious to find out who Teri thought of when she had those thoughts. When Teri admitted that she thought about Sue, Sue’s heart skipped a beat because Teri was the one she thought about.

That night was the beginning of a special relationship between the two of them.

 5 Stars - What Young Lady Hasn't Thought About Who Would Be The One to Deflower Her?

What young lady hasn't thought about who would be the one to deflower her. I love the story because it reminded me of me and my search to lose my virginity. Very sweet and hot and sexy story! Thank you again!

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