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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 May 03

Words:  6,970

Tags:  bi-sexual, blowjobs, cheating,  consensual sex, cum swallowing, drunk,  Female/Male, group sex, oral sex,  pussy, threesome, wife

Indiscretion In The Hostel

ISBN 97-813-70578290

What do you do when you’re in a relationship with a man who’s controlling and jealous unbelievably? How can you love such a man when there is no trust? Teri is asking herself those same questions. Also, Teri is questioning herself when she has two other men in her life that so far are platonic relationships but are still very exciting.

Teri’s work is online and one of the customers she converses with is Shane. There is a sexual undercurrent through their chats and they are also very flirtatious with a lot of sexual teasing. Teri has sent Shane some sexually suggestive pictures and he’s always commenting on her gorgeous body and what he would like to do to her. Teri loved her online chats with Shane because they made her feel special.

The other man that Teri fantasizes about is Tom, Robert’s best friend. Even though Teri and Tom talk together all the time when the three of them are together, Robert doesn’t see Tom as a threat. If only Robert knew the thoughts that swirled in Teri’s head about the fantasies she has about Tom. Teri has always wondered if Tom had fantasies about her.

One day, while chatting online with both Shane and Tom, Teri accidentally pasted her sexually flirtatious online chatting from Shane to Tom on line chat box. Even though Tom blew it off, Teri was still scared that one day Tom would tell Robert and that scared her.

Over a year ago, the three couples, Teri and Robert, her best friend Sue and her husband Lou and Tom and his girlfriend, had planned a trip to Europe and they were going to stay at a local hostel, with the three couples sharing a huge room. Right before the trip, Tom and his girlfriend broke up and Teri felt bad for Tom because he could not back out of the trip and she knew he would feel like a fifth wheel being the only single person with the other two couples.

After one night after partying, Teri went back to the room to find Tom already in bed asleep. This was Teri’s chance to talk to Tom about that accidental message. She needed to know whether she could trust Tom. What she wasn’t expecting, was a night full of sex between her, Tom, Sue, and Lou. That one night change her whole perspective in relationships.


The story developed at the right pace, introducing the characters and building the story to its fabulous climax.


Thank you so much for this story.  I really enjoyed it but is probably because I identify too much with it.  But it was really well written and was a joy to read.  Keep up the good work.


It was a great read.  Loved the way the characters and their relationships were portrayed.  All in all, a very sweet (beginning) and hot (end) story.


Loved it all.  I know how it is being a nice guy.  I'm glad there are still rewards.

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