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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 February 01

Words:  3,610

Tags:  anal sex, BDSM, big cock, blowjobs, bukkake, consensual sex, cum, dirty, facial, fellatio, gangbang, humiliation, large cock, nipple clamps, oral sex, toy, vaginal sex, whore

Tied For Ten

ISBN 97-813-70381005

Sue has always had kinky side to her and being a submissive as part of the roleplaying of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism is a great turn-on for her.  She enjoys having her arms and legs bound is such a way to provide access to all of her orifices by her husband Lou who is her Master.

On several occasion her Master has lent, sold or swapped Sue to other masters and mistress to experience or be schooled in subcultures of the BDSM community.

One evening as Sue and Lou laid in bed in post-coital bliss, she confided in him that she wanted to experience three or four guys having their way with her while being tied up. After discussing it at length, they decide to solicit the help of another Master, Ben and the use of his dungeon.

Sitting on wood chair the middle of the dungeon in a thin lacy white dress with nothing underneath when Sue saw ten guys came marching down the stairs. Twice as many guys she was expecting.

Ripping Sue’s dress off, Ben and Lou bent her over and bound her to custom table that is at a slight angle. Her breasts dangle through the holes in the table, her ankles tied to restraints on the floor and her wrists cuffed to side of table. Her butt and vagina exposed for easy access for doggy style sex.

Sue wondered if her body will be able to handle that much sex. She soon will find out when she felt the first penetration of the night.


You don't know how lucky you are, you beautiful, sexy, NAUGHTY cum-loving whore!  I would have loved to have been there.  Forcing my own cunt into your face and finger fucking you until you fell apart. I’m hoping to see more stories like this in the future!



Sue I love your style - no beating around the bush; direct and to the point, 100% hard fucking.  would love to be involved in one of your parties



I'd be more than glad to help in any of the next gangbangs you feel the sudden need to have.  Keep'em cummin'


What a story! Just the thought of being covered in that much cum is almost too much for me and then she masturbates rubbing the cum into her cunt.. so good


Wow! What a great story! Having ten guys fuck you and cum all over you, multiple times, must've been quite something. I didn't make it to the end of the story before adding my own load...! More please

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