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Published: 2018 November 08

Words:  8,440

Tags:  bareback, blowjobs, camping consensual sex, cream pie, cum in cunt, fellatio, Female/Male, nature, nudist, outdoor, passion, reluctance , skinny dipping, unprotected, vaginal sex

One With Nature

ISBN 97-804-63895511


We all know when we are in lust; the signs are all there, boy meets girl, sexual friction between them with sex soon afterwards. Then the cycle repeats itself repeatedly, time after time. However, when does lust start to turn into something more, something subtle, something special. When does lust become more than just a sexual attraction? What happens when two people who barely know each other are attracted to each other but not sure how to find out if there is more than just a lustful attraction?

That is what Lou and Sue are about to find out. Lou and Sue have only been dating for a month but they feel the attraction between them. Lou invites Sue to go on a weekend nature hike and camping trip in hopes of learning more about one another. What better way than to be alone out in the middle of nowhere, just nature and you.

Due to Sue’s strict Catholic upbringing and the negativity about sex that was drilled into her head from her mom, Sue was very inexperienced with sex and to a point, scared of men and what might happen. It did not help that the couple of guys she did have sex with in the past, treated her like a piece of me, not caring whether she was enjoying herself or not. Even though she knew not to listen to her mom about sex and the evil of it, those two experiences with sex did not help her with her overall fear and inhibitions.

Sue really liked Lou so when, after only dating for a month, she accepted Lou’s invitation to spend the weekend out in the woods completely alone with him. She was hoping that this would be a good way to start trusting men and just maybe loosen up some of her inhibitions about sex. Of course, Lou knew not all about Sue’s inhibitions and her past sexual experiences so he was determined do anything to scare Sue away.

After a long hike through the woods to this secluded campsite on a pristine lake, Lou and Sue discovered what the true meaning of being out in nature really meant. It started with a harmless swim and then decision to be true naturalist. What they both discovered and experienced were beyond both of their imagination and dreams. Needless to say, Sue no longer has any inhibitions.


 Erotic and well-written.



It's such a real joy to read a story that is not only literary and erotic, but with vary normal 'conversations,' and a quiet plot that progresses believably.  One becomes immersed in the tale with no rough spots that interfere.  


 Thank you for a beautiful and highly erotic story. The images you created were so vivid and your description of Sue discovering her sexuality was so real. I am now going to read the rest of your work.

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