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Jacket design by Maya

Published: 2018 December 20

Words:  6,250

Tags:  Auburn hair, blowjobs, cheating, consensual sex, cunnilingus, friend's sister, hand job, masturbation, movie, public hand job, tit job, titty fuck, vaginal sex, toys, young.

Best Friend's Sister  

ISBN 97-804-63598733


John is a typical male. He has a beautiful girlfriend, Lisa, who he has been dating for the last two years. Their sex life is so so but John does adore her. He has never cheated on her but he has been tempted but has resisted.

One weekend, John had plans with his best friend Steve to go see the new horror movie that started playing. Lisa hates horror movies so she was going to go visit her family while John and Steve went to the movies. John had been trying to get a hold of Steve for the last two days to confirm their plans but he has not been able to contact him either by text or calls. John was starting to worry so decided to go over to Steve’s house to check on him.

Ringing the doorbell, John is surprised when Steve’s beautiful and sexy sister, Sue, answers the door. Sue has been off the college and John hasn’t seen her in quite some time. He had forgotten now hot she is and especially since he had not seen her for a while. Just the site of her got a stirring in his pants. After catching up on each other’s lives, John remembers why he came over. Sue tells him that Steve has a nasty respiratory infection and was coughing up junk.

John visits Steve in his room and he can see that Steve is in no shape to go to the movies. John really wanted to see this movie so he was disappointed in knowing that Steve would not be able to go. Sue sensing John’s disappointment, asked him if she can go instead because she loves horror movies. Truth be told, Sue really didn’t care about the movie. What she really cared about was seeing John. She realized that John had grown up in more ways than one and she was eager to spend some time with him.

Sue invites John into her bedroom while she changes and starts to tease John while undressing and dressing. John is trying to be faithful but he could feel his resistance faltering the more he is around Sue. That resistance is about to be tested.

Will John be able to resist Sue’s advances? Will Sue get what she wants? We will soon find out and will there be a surprise for Lisa when she gets home unexpectedly?


But to bad it already has an end, would've liked to read more of it.



Any girl I’ve ever met named Sue has been hot.  This babe is no exception.  Good story.



Great story to jerk off to

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