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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 April 26

Words:  14,160

Tags:  blowjobs, coed dorm, college,  consensual sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, Female/Male/Female, first time, oral sex,  pussy eating, threesome, vaginal sex

Dorm Trio

ISBN 97-813-70075317

After studying in the library, Lou goes back to his room and inadvertently walks in on his roommate having sex with another girl. It was like that almost every night, his roommate having sex with a different girl on the rug in the center of their dorm room. His roommate was a real Bastard and didn’t care what Lou thought. He only cared about screwing as many girls as he could.

As most nights went, Lou backed out the room to give his roommate the privacy that he thought he deserved. And as usual, his two female next-door neighbors were there to take him in for the night. Samantha, a.k.a. Sam and Rachel were Lou’s closest friends, especially in the coed dorm they lived in. Lou loved hanging out with them as much as they loved hanging out with him.

Sam and Rachel were always teasing him, telling him that he was nothing like his roommate that he was a nice guy. Lou hated when they told him that because he didn’t want to be a nice guy, that sometimes he wanted to be like his roommate, having sex all the time just for the sex and not caring about anything else.

Lou spent more time hanging out in their room then he did in his own room. Lou really didn’t mind this because both Rachel and Sam were fun to be around and if he were to be truthful, he had the hots for both of them, even though he knew they did not feel the same way towards him. Physically, Rachel and Sam were complete opposites…Rachael being petite, small boobs but a nice tight round ass and Sam having big tits and a flat ass. They were not the hottest girls on campus but Lou found them very attractive.

Their friendship grew closer every time they were together and even though Lou would make teasing sexual remarks to them, both of them always would tell him to keep dreaming. As the semesters flew by, their friendship grew even closer. Lou was basically living with them by the time the year ended.

That night before they left for summer vacation, they were in their dorm room after an evening of drinking and dancing and the sexual tension that had been building up between them was about to explode and their close friendship was about to be put to the ultimate test.


The story developed at the right pace, introducing the characters and building the story to its fabulous climax.


Thank you so much for this story.  I really enjoyed it but is probably because I identify too much with it.  But it was really well written and was a joy to read.  Keep up the good work.


It was a great read.  Loved the way the characters and their relationships were portrayed.  All in all, a very sweet (beginning) and hot (end) story.


Loved it all.  I know how it is being a nice guy.  I'm glad there are still rewards.

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