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What kind of gift do you give for someone you truly love? This isn’t a crush, infatuation or any other terms of endearment. Sue truly loves Teri with all her heart and soul. A love so deep that Sue would do anything for Teri. Couples say that all the time to each other but when it gets down to the core, after stripping so many layers of so-called “love” gestures, do we have the determination to actually do anything for the one we love.

So, what do you give to the person you say you do anything for? For Sue, the answer is easy…she will give herself. The answer was easy, following through with it will be the toughest thing Sue has ever done in her life. Giving herself to Teri totally and completely will leave Sue open to not only emotional pain but physically.

Teri is a dominatrix but not your typical dominatrix. Teri is a sadistic dominatrix. She likes to inflict pain to be fullest to derive the most pleasurable experience for her submissive but more importantly, for herself. Sue is also a dominatrix but her dominatrix style leans to the nominal, whereby both submissive and dominatrix receive equal amounts of pleasure without inflicting serious pain.

Sue started out as a submissive before turning her talents to the giver instead of the receiver. On two previous occasions, Teri had allowed Sue to watch her discipline her submissive and both times she cringed at the intense pain Teri had inflicted. Teri likes to inflict serious physical pain. She truly derives her pleasure by inflicting the harshest pain to her submissive.

Sue knows that even being a former submissive, it will take every ounce of willpower to make it through. If it was for anyone else, Sue would have never agreed to it but Teri isn’t anyone else and knowing full well that she might not make it through this experience.

Teri wasn’t going to accept Sue’s gift unless Sue was completely sure this is what she wanted and after giving every opportunity for Sue to back out; Sue said this is what she wanted.

After the preparation, Teri tells Sue that she will ask 20 questions and depending on Sue’s answers whether she receives pain or pleasure. Sue is hoping for more pleasure but will she be able to take the pain for wrong answers.


Let the questions begin…


Thank you, this was one of the best stories of its kind that I have read in a long, long time.  You have an amazing talent for this genre and I hope you will bring us many more stories. Five stars and thanks again!



That was so intense and so well written, I almost can't type because this story had such an intense emotional impact on me. I feel almost as if I WAS Sue and I was THERE, being interrogated by Teri.  You should be very proud of your writing skills.  You've written something truly memorable and powerful.



My girlfriend and I have gotten into "cunt kicking" not as easy as it first appears.  A whole new world of pain and pleasure.

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