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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 January 04

Words:  10,710

Tags:  babysitter, babysitting,  consensual sex,  cunnilingus, Female / Male, mature, oral sex, romance, spanking, tied up, vaginal sex

Smitten With The Babysitter

ISBN 97-813-70438273

What happens when two people who have loved each other for so long drift apart and finally end their relationship to start new lives, new beginnings? Lou and Sue loved each other for so very long but when unexpected occurrences happen, things begin to change.

What started with great expectations slowly disintegrates into being just friends. Even after having two beautiful twins, a boy and a girl, their relationship slowly begins to collapse. After the divorce, Sue finds someone new for her life and Lou goes back to his lifestyle pre-Sue, which was sleeping with different women.

Before his marriage to Sue, Lou was a promising lacrosse star who could sleep with any female of his choice. After a terrible car accident shattered his knee, his lacrosse days were over and so were the women who wanted to have sex with that lacrosse star.

Lou was the coach of a professional lacrosse team who just finish winning the lacrosse championship. Once again, Lou had his choice of women and he has enjoyed it very much, except there was no connection, just sex, not that he was complaining.

Lou stayed fit not only for himself but to show his players that it took hard work to become champions and being their coach, he needed to stay fit. He stayed fit by running. One day while running, he sees a teenager doing yardwork and can’t help noticing how sexy she is. Over the next two weeks, he sees the same teenager working in three different yards.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he stops to talk to her. After a few moments of awkwardness, he finds out that she’s earning money by doing different jobs around the neighborhood. She hands him her flyer and almost begs him to hire her.

Lou has nothing for her to do until fate intervenes. Sue calls saying she needs him to babysit on short notice but after telling her he would, he realized that he had a previous engagement. Then he thought of Teri and her flyer. He was hesitant to call her but knew he had no choice. When Teri arrives and he sees her looking so sexy and beautiful, he knew things were going to escalate. What he didn’t know was this beautiful teenager felt the same thing.

Lou is going to learn about the babysitter in more ways than one



This describes passionate loves so perfectly it almost makes this old man weep for what might have been, had I not let my first and greatest love get away

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