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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 March 8

Words:  7,980

Tags:  anilingus, ass licking, bukkake, circle jerk, consensual sex, college coed, cum covering, cum in cunt, fellatio, group sex, oral sex, rimming, throat fucking,   vaginal sex

Body Covered Finale

ISBN 97-813-70136995

A normal college girl struggling to make ends meet while trying to maintain her grades. Teri’s parents pay for her tuition and everything related to school, including living expenses but they said that’s all they could afford to pay. All her extra expenses she would have to pay for.

Teri had a part-time job to pay for her miscellaneous items but she only worked a limited number of hours so she could spend her time studying to keep her high grades up. When her car broke down and she couldn’t afford to get it fix, she was in a bind. She knew even if she started working more hours, she still would not make enough to pay to have her car fix. She knew her grades would suffer if she took on more hours.

Even though she was in a bind, she tried not to let it overwhelmed her so it was nice one night when her and her best friend, Sue, was spending time with their friend from across the hall along with a few guys. As most college conversations turn to sex, so did this one.

Their friend Jessica started talking about another girl and saying how much a whore she was. One of the guys started mentioning that this girl was such a slut that she liked doing bukkake on weekends. Everyone started laughing, including Teri but the truth be known, Teri had no idea what that meant.

She had heard that word before but really didn’t know anything about it but Teri was sexually curious so she started doing research on bukkake but really didn’t believe that girls did such things but she also found herself sexually aroused by it.

She still didn’t believe there were parties just for this kind of thing so she got on Craigslist and much to her surprise, she found out that there were these types of parties and in fact, there were quite a few ads for volunteers and they were willing to pay a good amount of money to the volunteers. In fact, they were offering enough money or more to get her car fixed.

Needing the money and also aroused by the thought of participating in this type of party, Teri responded to one of these ads. What she learned and experienced from this party changed her life sex life dramatically and she was never the same again.


A naughty tale from the best writer on here. Where were you when I was in college?  10 stars if I could.  I love your work!


Great story, Sue! Had me highly aroused; which, of course, is why you write! You like to know you make us horny and hard and (You hope.) stroking to your narrative.  Only 5 stars because we can't give you more. Thanks for another great tale.


I love bukkake. Your description of the event were hot and wet. I loved it. 


This story is so hot I came twice!!!


We love your excellent stories. You and my wife have so much in common!! As you know she's a cum lover also!!

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