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Published: 2017 April 14

Words: 2,360

Tags: anal, anal sex, arcade, blowjobs, glory holes, oral sex, vaginal sex, viewing rooms

Upstairs Arcade

ISBN: 978-13-70323340


While Sue and her boyfriend Lou visits a local adult book store, they take sex to the next level as Sue expands her knowledge of encounters of the third kind…sex with anonymous strangers through  “Glory holes” of a particular viewing booth in the upstairs arcade.  

 5 Stars - Another great read from this new author!


I was once again immersed into the highly charged "adventure" of this couple.  My body was tingly all over from the very beginning! After 5 minutes.  I was completely soaked!!  Needless to say....I will be rereading this one over and over!!  Keep up the good work!

Barnes & Noble Nook


Enjoyed the read.

The Buffalo 

Fun Times!

A Trip to the ABS can be fun

Dash Dot

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