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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 December 28

Words:  14,990

Tags:  BDSM, consensual sex,  cunnilingus, exhibition, lesbian,  masturbation, oral sex, paddling, punishment, spanking, submission, threesome, toys, wager for sex

Tricked Into Submission

ISBN: 97-813-70438242

What happens when you place a friendly bet with your supposedly best friend? A bet you are sure you can win. The stakes: The loser will be a sex slave for the winner for a whole day; to do WHATEVER the winner wants you to do…no questions asked…no backing out…no saying no.

That’s the bet Sue took with her supposedly best friend, Teri. A simple drinking game, a game Sue knew she could and would win. A drinking game that was simplistic, with straight forward rules and an even easier outcome.

Sue took this bet for two reasons. 1. Sue was in lust with Teri from their very first meeting. Sue had fantasized about seeing Teri naked and making love to her many times over. Now this was going to become a reality when Teri lost this bet. 2. Sue knew that there was no way she could lose this bet. The odds were too stacked in her favor.

What Sue didn’t take into account was the trickery that Teri placed in the rules. Trickery that stacked the outcome so it was a guarantee win for Teri. Sue, in her desire to be with Teri, clouded her thinking and for that mistake, Sue was guaranteed to lose the bet.

When Sue loses, she vehemently cries foul at the trickery that Teri played on her but cannot deny that she lost and will carry through, no matter what, with being Teri’s sex slave for the day.

More importantly though, she is secretly excited about what all will transpose in being a sex slave. She has read about BDSM but has never truly experience anything so dark…not even in her darkest fantasies. This both scares and excites her. What will Teri have her do as a sex slave? Will she be able to endure? It couldn’t be all bad, right? Plus, it will be Teri who will be her Master…her Mistress.

When Sue lost the bet because of Teri’s trickery, she didn’t know what to expect but beginning the next morning she will soon find out if Teri is her best friend or a sadistic bitch. Either way, both of them will be learning new things about each other, simple truths and whether those simple truths make them grow closer or drives their friendship apart.


What a great story...hope the next time the tables can be turned.


I wish I had a friend like Teri that I could lose a bet to and experience my just rewards.


Very hot! I love it. Thanks for giving me a wet tummy!


Really enjoyed this, I especially like the touch of humor through out, well written. 

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