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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 June 07

Words:  7,550

Tags:  anal play, blowjobs,  consensual sex, deep throat, Female/Male, gangbang, group sex, lactation, Male/Female/Male, milk, online chat, oral sex, orgasm, poker game, strip poker, touching chest, vaginal sex

Crashing Poker Night

ISBN 97-804-63669327

What happens when you can’t stop thinking about a man…a man that’s not your husband. That’s the dilemma that Teri has because she cannot stop thinking about Tom. Almost a year and a half ago, Teri and her husband, Robert, her best friend, Sue, and her husband, Lou, and Tom took a trip to Europe and stayed in a quaint hostel.

Teri had always had a crush on Tom and fantasized many times about making love with him. Even though she was married to an uncaring husband, she pushed her relationship with Tom to more than just friends.

One night though, all that changed. The group had been out drinking and dancing at a club and Teri found herself tired so she went back to the room and much to her surprise, Tom was already there in bed. Not knowing whether he was asleep or not, she quietly got undressed and got into her bed. All she could think about was Tom and hoping he was lying there thinking about her.

As it turned out, he was thinking about her. As if fate intervened, both spoke at once, asking each other if they were okay. After expressing her feelings, Teri found herself in the arms of her fantasy lover but it was no longer a fantasy. Lou and Sue stumbled in separately within 15 minutes of one another and the sexual tension increased tenfold.

After a little bit of laughter, things started to heat up and the four of them having a night of lustful sex with each other. This one night changed Teri’s life. Shortly after returning, Teri found out she was pregnant and she knew for a fact that it was Tom’s. Robert not knowing any better, accepted the child as his own.

Tom and Teri rarely spoke after that trip but Teri could not stop thinking about him and was determined to wedge herself back into his life. Slowly but surely, she did just that by becoming his confidante.

It’d been so long since giving birth that Teri had a night to go out with her girlfriends and she really needed the night out. Unfortunately, girlfriend after girlfriend had to back out, including her best friend, Sue. Teri did not want to waste this one free night so she decided that she needed to find out if her relationship with Tom would always remain friends or would there be more.

Teri took a chance and drove to his house and knocked on the door. When Tom open the door and saw her, he had a big smile on his face. Teri heard noises in the background and Tom told her that it was his Friday night poker get together with his buddies. Without giving Tom a chance to push her away, she invited herself in and asked if she could join the game.

That night, Teri found out how her relationship with Tom was going to proceed but she also found out desires she never thought she had and that included Tom’s poker buddies. Want to guess who won the jackpot?


Hope you are planning to bring Sue back in (and hubby)?  Robert?  Anal? Vaginal and anal do?   Spread it out and make it last


Great sequel to Indiscretion in the Hostel.  Both stories are so fucking hot.  I would love to be married to you. Have you any more stories and did you get pregnant again?

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