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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 July 05

Words:  3,290

Tags:  anal sex, beach, blowjobs,  consensual sex, cunnilingus, fellatio,  foursome, lesbian, oral sex, swapping, swingers, vaginal sex

Fun At A Motel

ISBN 97-804-63343326

Lou and Sue have been trying to get to the beach all summer with their longtime friends but things had not worked out up until now or so they thought. At the very last minute, their friends had to back out, which left Lou and Sue to decide if they wanted to go by themselves. They both needed the break, wanted some sun and relaxation. Plus, it was an opportunity maybe to meet new people.

They got to the beach early so they did not have to fight the crowds for a spot on the beach. After unloading the tons of stuff, they had to bring from the car, they finally settled down for to enjoy the day. It was a warm day but the water was freezing so they decided to stay up on the beach until it got hotter.

Within the hour, the beach started getting crowded and they congratulated themselves for getting there earlier before the crowds. As they were watching people filling up the empty spaces, they noticed one younger couple with a cart full of their beach paraphernalia. They made it look effortless in bringing their stuff from their car using the cart.

Lou looked at Sue and said that’s what we need. Lou was so impressed that after the couple settled down, he went over to them, introduced himself and Sue and asked where they got their cart because it looked much easier to carry all their stuff. They introduce themselves as Allan and Kelly and said where the bought it. After a few more minutes of small talk, Lou and Sue went back to their blankets.

A little while later, the new couple came over and asked if they would like to take a dip in the water. Allan and Lou were up to it but Sue and Kelly still thought the water was too cold. As the men swam, the two women checked out each other bodies and started talking like old friends.

After the men came up, the new couple asked if they would like to go get something to eat together, which Lou and Sue said they would like but they had no place to clean up. The new couple suggested that they come back to their motel room to clean up.

A motel room? New friends? It was going to be an interesting evening…one that none would forget.


Please don't stop.  I now look for your stories every time I log onto Smashwords or Amazon.  You really know how to make it hot, keep comin' and keep me cumming.


I've fantasied about stuff like this, wondering how it would happen, since I also have a conservative but hot wife.  Thanks for the story.


That was a hot!  How do you do it?  This couple is smoking hot!

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