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Published: 2019 January 10

Words:  8,860

Tags:  adult book store, amateur, anal sex, blowjobs, consensual sex, cum swallowing, facial, fellatio, fetish, gloryhole, Male/Female\Male masturbation, mature sex, teen 18 and up,  threesome,  vaginal sex.

First Gloryhole Experience  

ISBN 97-804-63231210


Teri could not help overhear Pam and Sue’s eighteen year old high school gossip.  Their conservation was the typical mindless nonsense until it soon turned to sex.  She heard the term ‘glory hole’ and Teri found herself focusing more and more on the two biggest sluts in the school conversation.

When the bell rang, Teri rushed home skipping her last class.  Once home she quickly got undressed and began researching ‘gloryholes’ on the web.  She found numerous sites with explicit photos and videos.  The thought of have oral sex with anonymous men was exciting to her.

Teri made up her mind that she would have to experience it for herself.

Friday came and Teri began ready herself for her adventure. A long, hot shower and a few glides of the razor left her completely hairless from the neck down.  She chose to wear a short black skirt with a pink baby-doll tank top.  The lace top of her red bra showing, and the waist band of her matching red thong pulled up above my skirt.

She pulled in the nondescript building describe by Sue. Teri looked at the toys and various sexy costumes before she found the entrance.  It was a black tattered curtain with the words ‘Video Arcade’ above it. She slid he barrier back and stepped into darkness. Teri found a door with a large red ‘X’ and went inside.

The room was rather nasty.  Painted a flat black with a lifeless video screen and a cheap white plastic patio chair. There were padded holes opposite of each other.

Teri remembered Sue’s instructions and knelt down by the hole on the right. She could see light coming through so she knew that someone was in there.  Teri’s first gloryhole experience was about to begin.


But to bad it already has an end, would've liked to read more of it.



Any girl I’ve ever met named Sue has been hot.  This babe is no exception.  Good story.



Great story to jerk off to

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