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Sexy Birthday Gifts

ISBN 97-813-70754182

Lou’s birthday was coming up.  However, Lou doesn’t want his girlfriend Sue to spend on him.  He just wanted to hang out with some of his buddies, watching football, play some poker and drink some beer.

Sue didn’t come from a wealth family as Lou does.  She works several part-time jobs to make ends meet and Lou knew it.  He also knows how much Sue loves him and she will try to give a present she couldn’t afford to give.

Lou insisted on Sue not to spend cent on him.

Sue enlisted her best friend Teri to help her make Lou’s birthday very special.  The five guys arrived for Lou’s birthday. Sue had history with four of them from Memorial Day.  As the guys settled in, Sue handed Lou four envelopes. She told him as promised she didn’t spend a dime on his presents.  The top one was just a plain birthday card.

Lou read the second envelop; his eyes got big as saucer, he couldn’t believe his first present.  He was curious and was looking forward what the other envelopes have in store for him.

Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 March 5

Words:  7,700

Tags:  birthday, blowjob, consensual sex, cum, cunnilingus, exhibition, fellatio, Female/Female, Female/Male/Female, French kissing, friends watch, lesbian, oral sex, orgasm, pussy eating, threesome, topless waitress, touching chest, toys, vaginal sex, vibrator


Great story , lucky bloke


At least this time Lou wasn't made an unwitting cockold by his girlfriend and his so called friends, and Sue even showed something approaching caring for him for once.  Nice change, not that I expect it to last for any length of time


Now all of us men feel we've never had a real birthday!--Great story! I loved it!


Teri and Sue, will you organize my birthday party, please?


Another excellent story Sue! You did it again...always delivering a highly erotic story.  Kudos to you! I have to agree with the fellow who suggested that you should organize his next birthday party.  Maybe I can talk my girlfriend and subbie, lil sub-slut, into your organizing MY next birthday party! Keep up the excellent work, and keep the stories coming.


What a great story! I was hard the whole way through. Very exciting


My God what a hot tale! And to think I have more of your stories yet to be read. Thank you for keeping my dick up at attention

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