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Published: 2018 December 6

Words:  6,260

Tags:  Christmas, consensual sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, fffm, foursome, lesbian, mall, orgasm, orgy, public sex, Santa Claus, toys, Victoria Secret.

Santa's Special Present  

ISBN 97-804-63230978


Do you believe in Santa Claus? No? Who could blame you since Christmas has become so commercialized that even the devout “I still believe” Santa Claus hopefuls; the ones that hang on to the magical side of Christmas, get lost in the shuffle and bustle of what has become Christmas.

Teri used to be one of those “I still believe” in the magic of Santa Claus and all that entails but not anymore. She has lost all pretense of believing in Santa and the giving of gifts just for the joy of putting a smile on someone’s face. Now it’s all rush…standing in lines at the mall, fighting others who want the same game or piece of clothing for their child. All Teri could think about was can I make it out of the mall in one piece without being trampled on.

Teri spent all day trying to find the perfect gift for her family and friends while fighting off the frenzy. When Teri finally emerged 45 minutes before closing, it started to snow gently, almost magically. Teri stuck out her tongue and a big snowflake landed on her tongue and reminded her of days gone by when Santa truly existed. Standing there for a moment, she realized that she needed to buy herself a gift, something to make her feel good about herself.

Teri knew the perfect place. Victoria’s Secret. Sexy lingerie always made her feel special.  She needed that after a day like today. Teri rushed back into the mall, to her favorite store. She was surprised to find only a couple people checking out before the store closed.

Grabbing a teddy, she dashed to the dressing room, quickly stripped and put on the flimsy lingerie. Instantaneously, her body relaxed and she could feel her inner sexuality emerging.

Wanting another item and running out of time, she went out into the store still dressed in the teddy. Only two of the saleswomen were left in the store. Feeling frisky, Teri turned to the women to ask their advice on how she looked. Teri got more than she bargained for while they examine her. They told her that they were closing up because Santa was coming by to deliver his “presents” to them and they invited Teri to stay and be Santa’s gift.

What came next had Teri believing in Santa again. Maybe, you will start believing also

Enjoyed it...Ho!Ho!Ho!

That got me feeling naughty

Nice and Festive

The story is nice and celebrates Christmas with joy and erotic pleasure.  Well done!

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