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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 September 28

Words: 7,690

Tags:  billiards, consensual sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, Female/Male/Female,  oral sex, threesome, vaginal sex

Strip Billiards

ISBN: 978-13-11949950

When does a friendly game of pool between friends become more than just a friendly game? Sue was playing pool with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s best friend, Robert. Sue decides to just watch these two handsome and sexy man play with their “balls” while she rests.

After about 45 minute, Robert and Lou are both bored of playing and suggest playing cards or something else. Before they could decide on something else, Sue asked them if they would like to play strip pool. Both of them thought that she was just kidding but when they looked at her and saw the wicked smile she had on her face, they both readily and eagerly agreed that playing strip pool would be fun.

Sue explained the rules to them, which were simple enough and also allow for equal undressing. As the game progresses from one game to the next, each losing items of clothing, the sexual tension increases. Sue is thoroughly enjoying seeing these two gorgeous men strip down and exposing all themselves to her, which in turn, they are enjoying seeing her stripped-down to her nakedness.

As each item of clothing gets removed, sex between the three gets closer and closer. Sue’s boyfriend, Lou, loves seeing Sue strip and have sex with other men, so he had no problem with Robert goggling his wife as she stripped-down to her nakedness. He also didn’t have a problem with Sue licking her lips when Robert’s fullness pops out when he removes his boxers. In fact, he becomes even more excited knowing that all this will lead to some great sex.

What happens after all the clothes have been removed? Sue suggest that they continue to play but with new rules. These rules involve having each other do things to one another when they sink the proper ball. All tiebreakers would be given to Sue, who would tell who would do what and to whom.

What starts out as a simple game of pool between friends becomes a lot more, including sex with the cue stick, spanking and a list of other fun things.

If you have ever liked playing pool, try playing strip pool. Lou, Robert and Sue will teach you all about it and show you that playing with balls can be so much more fun when other holes are involved for sinking.

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