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Published: 2017 October 05

Words:  5,880

Tags:  anal sex, bucket list, consensual sex, cunninglus, fellatio, Female/Male, hotel, interracial, oral sex, vaginal sex

Trying Black

ISBN: 978-13-70409037

Another long afternoon and evening of sex for Sue and Lou. Even after all these years of marriage, their sex life has never dulled. They still crave one another as much as they did when they first started dating. Their sex life never disappoints and each craves it as much as the other.

Their sex life never gets boring because they always find new ways to keep it exciting. One of the ways they do this, has been through their so-called “bucket list”. Each one has created a list of things they always wanted to do sexually. One of Lou’s favorite item is watching his wife have sex with other men.

While they were laying there cuddling one another after the latest round of sex, Sue tells Lou of one of the items on her bucket list that she’s never shared before. She tells Lou that she wants to have sex with a black man. This catches Lou off guard because all the times they had watched interracial porn, Sue always said that she would never have sex with a black man.

Lou asked Sue what made her change her mind. Sue tells him about her best friend, Teri, and the phase she went through with having sex with multiple black men. That got Sue thinking about their mutual friend, Anne, who originally prompted both Sue and Teri to have sex with a black man because once they did, they would want it all the time.

Sue had piqued Lou’s interest and Lou was all for it because he wanted to watch. The problem rested in who to choose. Lou had a couple good-looking black men that worked for him but Sue did not want that, neither did she want to have her first black be a complete stranger. Unbeknownst to Lou, Sue already had someone in mind. After giving Lou subtle hints, he figured out that the person Sue wanted was a friend both of them knew from way back.

Isaac used to work as a janitor at the school that Sue taught. Isaac was taking college night classes while his two kids were in the same school. Both Sue and Isaac had kept touch over the years; going to lunch together occasionally.

Sue invites Isaac to lunch to ask him if he would be her first black lover. What happens makes Sue a very happy woman

 5 Stars

A great story. It flows naturally

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