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Published: 2018 February 22

Words:  8,280

Tags:  amateur, blowjob, call girl, consensual sex, cowgirl position, escort, fellatio, first time, hooker, paid sex, vaginal sex

Girlfriend Experience Fantasy

ISBN 97-813-70848928

Couples to spice up their love lives sometimes may experiment into swinging life style. Sue and Lou were not different and wanted to spice up their lives; however, they each developed a sexual bucket list to fulfill their sexual fantasies. The fantasies ranged from simple things like watching either other masturbate to all out orgies. Nothing was taboo.

While watching the first season of The Girlfriend Experience and Sue told Loue she wanted to fulfill her call girl fantasy on her bucket list.  Lou was a little surprise but knew that Sue was serious. 

After several hours of discussions, Sue and Lou decide that she will fulfill her escort fantasy in Chicago while Lou was there consulting on a case.

Sue rehearsed pick up lines with Lou at the bar in the firm’s house. Ready to be escort, Sue dressed in a sexy white form fitted lacy dress and Lou drove her to luxurious Drake Hotel.

Sitting in the hotel’s dark wood bar, Sue scoped out potential clients. She decided on tall with short dark hair men. He looked like he was in his early fifties.  He was wearing a nice navy suit with a striking solid red neck tie. She walked up to the stool next to him and sat down.  After several minutes of flirting, they left for his room. Sue successfully proposition her first client.


Hot fantasy, hot story! Well done!


I, too, am no great fan of spectator sports.  So I really enjoyed the girl's sexy diversion, especially when it was described so erotically.  She also retaliated beautifully against her boyfriend's macho attitude to her own time and property. She taught all five of them about life's real values.



Wish my wife was like that.


All the perverts love your stories so your a hit.

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