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Imaginable Valentine Gift_Redhead.jpg

Jacket design by Maya

Published: 2019 February 08

Words:  7,690

Tags:  anilingus, best friends kissing, best friends licking,  collars, consensual sex, creampie,  creampie eating, cunnilingus, face sitting, lesbian, lesbian ass licking, pussy licking, threesome, Valentine's Day

Imaginable Valentine Gift  

ISBN 97-804-63133095


It’s Valentine’s Day. Lou had spent hours upon hours online at Victoria’s Secret’s looking for just the right special outfit to give to his beautiful wife, Sue. Sue loves lingerie and gets quite turned on modeling for Lou but if Lou was to be totally honest, he was the one that truly derived pleasure from his wife wearing the lingerie.

Sue was eager to receive her gift and when she opened it and saw the gorgeous white lace bra and crotch-less panties with matching garter belt and stockings, she could not wait to try it on. Usually Lou got the pleasure of watching her dress in the sexy lingerie but also watching her undress. Lou was kind of disappointed when Sue did not try it on right away but told Lou that she would be back in a few minutes because she had to go get his gift from the car.

Lou was puzzled as to what gift Sue had gotten him that it had to be hidden in the car. Sue’s normal gift for him was usually pajamas, a robe or a box of cigars and Sue normally presented his gift to him after he gave his to her. Lou was a little confused by all this.

Thinking about Sue wearing the lingerie was giving Lou a serious erection and he was ready to put it to good use. When Sue did not return back after ten minutes, Lou’s curiosity peeked even more. Another five minutes passed and he was starting to get concerned and just about when he was ready to go check on Sue, there was a knock at the door. This confused him even more but then he thought that Sue must have locked herself out and was needing back in or maybe his gift took up both of her hands and she needed him to open the door.

When he opened the door, his jaw dropped open. Standing before him was Sue in her gift but also her best friend, Teri in her own lingerie. On top of that, both were wearing slave collars. While he stood there and stared at these two beautiful women, Sue said, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Your gift is us being your slaves for tonight, to do whatever you want with us.”

Lou realized it was going to be the most special Valentine’s gift Sue had ever given him!


Thank you, this was one of the best stories of its kind that I have read in a long, long time.  You have an amazing talent for this genre and I hope you will bring us many more stories. Five stars and thanks again!



That was so intense and so well written, I almost can't type because this story had such an intense emotional impact on me. I feel almost as if I WAS Sue and I was THERE, being interrogated by Teri.  You should be very proud of your writing skills.  You've written something truly memorable and powerful.



My girlfriend and I have gotten into "cunt kicking" not as easy as it first appears.  A whole new world of pain and pleasure.

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