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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 December 21

Words:  7,840

Tags:  blowjobs, catholic school,  consensual sex,  college, cum swapping, fellatio, Female / Female, lesbian,  masturbation, nuns, oral sex, paddling, shaving, sex toys, spanking, sperm swapping

Angles In Trouble

Moving In & Orientation

ISBN: 97-813-70438242

What happens when a young lady who has never been away from home starts school as a freshman at St. Josephine Academy for Girls? A Catholic school known for its strict education of impressionable young women. What happens when that same young lady, who is a virgin, meets up with a wild and carefree girl who loves sex in all varieties?

Sue is that innocent young lady who’s about to get an education like none other, not only from her new roommate, Teri, but from that same Catholic school that has its own hidden sexual reputation. A school run by a strict Mother Superior who is sexually repressed but in her own way relieves herself through the girls attending the school. By the other sisters, like Sister Ursula, who likes a hands-on approach in teaching the young women.

From the moment Sue saw her new roommate, Teri, her stomach started fluttering and a bag of mixed emotions encompassed her. Sue was mesmerized by Teri as soon as she looked in her eyes and she knew from the start that their relationship would be special.

Sue was sitting on her bed in her school uniform eagerly awaiting the roommate that was assigned to her room. Teri first came in wearing Daisy Duke shorts, a tight T-shirt without a bra and flip flops and tagging behind Teri with all her luggage was her godfather who was struggling with all the suitcases but didn’t seem to mind.

Before Sue could even introduce herself, she found out why he did not mine. Teri showed her how things would be like by dropping her bags on her bed, walking over to her godfather and kissing him and then to properly thank him, got on her knees, pulled his pants down and gave him a proper sending off.

When finished and her godfather left, Teri turned to Sue and introduced herself: “Hi there, my name is Teri. It’s nice to meet you and I know we’re going to be the best of roommates.” Sue’s mouth just dropped open.

From that first incident, Sue knew this school, with Teri’s guidance and teaching, would be the best education she would never have. What Sue did not know at the time, that there was more to a Catholic education than meets the eye and by the time they graduated, Sue and Teri would definitely be “Angels In Trouble.”

I'm Hooked

I love those stories.  I can feel her embarrassment and her excitement. 


Novel concept. Really looking forward to more.


Excited for the rest of this. Had me feeling great just reading this much. Longing for more to finish the job


This really got me going..hard to keep your hands off yourself with a story like this! Great job

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