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Published: 2017 June 30

Words: 4,680

Tags: blowjob, brother/sister sex, cum swallowing, cunt eating, hand job, incest, masturbation, MF, oral sex, vaginal sex

Mending Brother's Broken Heart

ISBN: 978-13-70455430


A brother and sister story that will warm your heart and also get your heart pumping. John’s girlfriend just broke up with him and he can’t understand why.  The breakup has been hard on him and he is in a funk about it. Teri, his sister, is tired of seeing her little brother in such a state and moping around so she tells him to put on his swimming trunks because they are going to the pond.

Teri changes into her skimpy bikini, puts a T-shirt over it and grabs her blanket and suntan lotion and pulls John out the door.  On the way to the swimming hole, Teri asked John why did he think his girlfriend broke up with him.  Teri and John have always been close and have always confided in one another so John felt comfortable in talking with his big sis about anything, including the girls he liked.

John explains that he’s not sure why his girlfriend broke up with him. He always treated her with respect and they got along well enough.  Teri just lets John talk, letting him get it out of his system. He is still talking when they reach the swimming hole.

While John is still talking, Teri spreads out the blanket, takes off her T-shirt revealing her skimpy bikini. Instantly, John stops talking and stares at his sister and is amazed that she’s wearing a thong bikini bottom.  He has seen her in skimpy bikinis before but never in a thong bikini.  He is mesmerized by her hot body.

Teri knows the reaction that the bikini will have on John and sure enough, when she looks at John, she can see the bulge in his swim trunks starting to get larger.  Teri begins rubbing suntan lotion all over her body while John watches.  John has seen his sister in many different skimpy outfits and even naked so Teri knows that if anything is going to get John’s mind off his ex-girlfriend and into the present, it will be her.

Wearing the thong bikini was only the first step Teri had planned for her little brother.  What follows brings the brother and sister closer to each other than ever before and changes the dynamics of their relationship to a whole new level. A level that both of them secretly wanted and now will be fulfilled.

 5 Stars - This Is My Absolute Favorite!

My brother and I were close growing up and I so wanted to "mend" my brother on numerous occasions. I would lay awake at night thinking and dreaming of ways I could be with my brother in that way. I was the bigger sister and was supposed to be the responsible one but my carnal desire won out. Just like your book, my brother and I would go to a local blue hole to swim and just like your book, my relationship with my brother changed for the better. My fantasy of mending my brothers heart became a reality and our relationship has grown even unto adulthood. Reading this fantasy flooded me with such fond memories. As soon as I read it, I call my brother and asked him if he wanted to go swimming. For anyone who has similar fantasies, you have to read this short story. Maybe help you find your way to your brother. Thank you Sue!

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 5 Stars

A very entertaining Story

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