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Jacket design by Alana (lilithx)

Published: 2018 January 18

Words:  11,800

Tags:  anal sex, blowjobs, camping, consensual sex, cunnilingus, exhibition, fellatio, oral sex, silhouettes, vaginal sex

Sensual Silhouettes

ISBN 97-813-70569861

What does a new coworker, a new best friend and a special late summer bash have in common? That’s what Sue and her husband, Lou, are about to find out.

A new woman was hired at Sue’s work and placed on her team for a new project for the company. Sue and Teri hit it off from the start and after a short amount of time, they had become best friends. They had so much in common…both were married to wonderful men, both had the same likes and dislikes in food, clothes and people.

They would shop together, get their hair and nails done together…everything that could be done together, they did. The only thing they had not done together was hang out with their husbands but that was rectified when they had their first double date. Lou and Teri’s husband, Ben, hit it off right away, just like Sue and Teri did. They both had the same likes and dislikes, even their favorite football team was the same.

Sue was pleased that the husbands became good friends because Lou was basically a loner and it made her happy knowing that Lou had someone that had the same interests as him. This was made abundantly clear a few months later.

Teri and Ben invited Sue and Lou to a special late summer bash in September at a state run campgrounds and park. Teri and Ben told them very little about the bash, only to say that it was an annual event with four other couples, it was very private and they had special events planned. They would not discuss what the special events were but reassured Sue and Lou that they were guaranteed to love them and would want to come back year after year.

Upon reaching the campgrounds, Sue and Lou soon realized that the six couples were the only ones occupying the campgrounds. When asked about this, they were told the couples bought out the whole place for that one night and all employees of the campgrounds were paid to take the night off.

The first thing they noticed were six huge tents that were luxury designed. After introductions were made to the other couples and the huge feast was consumed, Sue and Lou were finally shown what the special events really were and needless to say, it was a very interesting and satisfying night to remember.


Wonderful story!



Erotic stories with a unique twist don't come along every day. This was well crafted all the way, especially as Sue overcame her shyness and got hot enough to want to perform for an audience. Nice work!



The intentional pretense of privacy is what I love the most about the "entertainment" in this story. It creates layers of metaphor and reality, mystery and reveal, hidden and seen. Heard! It would be captivating to actually watch, and it is very hot to read

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