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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 24 August 2017

Words:  3787

Tags:  consensual, cunninglus, exotic dancer, fellatio, Female/Female, Female/Male, gentlemen’s club, lesbian, loving couple, voyeurism

Bring Home Cyn

ISBN: 978-13-70896783

On a Friday evening, Lou and Sue are eating at their favorite restaurant, trying to unwind from a very busy week for the both of them. During dinner, they started discussing how they were going to spend the rest of their evening.

Both of them knew that the evening would end with them having sex. The discussion centered on what they were going to do between dinner and the time they got home.

Lou was thinking maybe a walk in the downtown area since it was still light out and not too hot to walk. They had done these multiple times and have always enjoyed each other’s company, walking hand-in-hand, sharing their love for one another.

Sue had other thoughts. She also knew that they would end up home having some of the best sex ever but she was interested in getting Lou a little worked up before then. Sue suggested that they go to a local Gentleman’s Club to get things started right.

Lou, of course, loved the idea because he loved getting lap dances, knowing Sue liked to watch the young “performers” as they entertained him. Sue, of course, loved watching the girls just as much as Lou did.

They went to a more well-established, well-maintained Gentlemen’s Club that Lou had frequented many times before. When they walked in, they found the place wasn’t busy, which they preferred because they knew they would have the pick of the litter to entertain them.

As they were walking to their table, Sue looked up and saw a beautiful, young dancer on stage that reminded her of her youngest daughter. Very pretty, very subtle. Unlike her daughter though, this dancer had bigger breasts.

After being seated, a young brunette came up to Lou and ask if he would like a lap dance. Sue nodded her approval and off Lou went. Sue was texting her young daughter to tell her she saw her doppelgänger when someone spoke to her. When she looked up, the beautiful dancer from the stage was standing in front of her.

The girl asked if the seat was taken. Sue thought she meant Lou’s seat. When she said no, the girl grabbed Sue’s phone, put it on the table and sat in Sue’s lap.

When she asked the girl’s name and the reply back was “Cyn”, Sue knew she was going to be “fun as sin."


Where can I find a strip club like that! My boyfriend and I frequent gentleman clubs but we have never been so lucky to participate in a fantasy as in your story. I found myself reading this again and again. Very sexy! Good reading! Thank you!

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