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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 September 07

Words:  4,848

Tags: anal sex, anilingus, consensual, cunninglus, Daughter/Father, fellatio, Female/Male+, foursome, Granddaughter/Grandfather, incest, oral sex, shower, Sister/Brother, vaginal sex

Three Gen

ISBN: 978-13-70973255

What does a little daydreaming mean when it becomes reality? A young woman taking a nice shower when she hears the bathroom door opened, the toilet seat lifted and pee hitting the water. She is secretly hoping it’s one of the three men in her life. Three men that mean more to her than life itself.

When she asked who’s there and her granddaddy answers, a big smile comes across her face. She asked him if he would mind scrubbing her back where she can reach. When the curtain pulls back and granddad reaches for the body wash and touches her with his naked body, she knew that this was going to be a special shower.

As granddad washes her with his callous hands, he makes sure that he washes more than just her back and she was eager for him to do just that and more.

When she finally gets out of the shower and starts walking back to her room, she hears noises from her brother’s bedroom. As usual, he left it open just enough so she could “look” in on him and as usual, she was not disappointed by what she saw. Her brother John, was masturbating while looking at girlie magazines. After a moment, she steps into his room and starts kidding with him about him going blind as many times as he strokes his youn70973255g cock.

After ripping her brother for a few minutes, she heads for her room and after entering, she sees her granddad lying on the bed, stroking himself. Still horny and hot from what they just did in the shower, she wants more of granddad so she gets on the bed so they could “play around” some more.

As she’s riding granddad, her brother walks in holding his hard member. Teri knew what he wanted so she invited him to join her and granddad in a threesome. John is the second man that she loves.

As the three of them romp in bed, Teri thinks to herself, if only her daddy was there. Unbeknownst to her, he was and after saying hello, daddy joins in the debauchery with his daughter, dad and son.

Daddy is the favorite love of Teri’s life and him being there with her other two men in her life is more than she could ever imagine. What comes next, is the highlight of a perfectly good shower.

 Five Stars - Another One Of My Favorites! Totally Hot

Another one of my favorites! Totally hot!! Like most young girls, who are daddy's girls, I had a crush on my dad and couldn't stand it when my mom or any other woman would flirt with them. He was quite handsome! When I got to the age where my body started "reacting" to boys and men, I remember thinking about my dad during those exploring times. This book was my fantasy. Yes, incest is taboo in our society and whether I agree with it or not, didn't stop me from fantasizing about me and my dad. This book is for all women who had that same fantasy or still have that fantasy about their dad or their grandfather. I love this book! Can't wait to read more stories like this from you!

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