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Stairs To Pleasure Or To Discipline.jpg

Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 August 09

Words:  6,670

Tags:  anal sex, babysitter blowjobs,  bukkake, consensual sex, cunnilingus, discipline sex, fellatio,  Female/Female Female/Male/Female, foursome FFFM, group sex, lesbian, live sex show, oral sex, swingers, swingers' club, vaginal sex

Stairs To Pleasure Or To Discipline

ISBN 97-804-63461501

Have you ever wondered what goes on at a Swinger’s Club? Do you think it’s just married couples hooking up with other married couples? Well, you would be partially right but at The Pleasure Palace there are a lot more choices for you to make to satisfy any fantasies or desires you might have. This might be Bondage and Dominance or S&M or live stage shows or viewing rooms to watch other people have sex and if so inclined, to join in or orgies in the style of Caligula; all this and more is offered here.

Everything and anything is offered in abundance. Yes, members pay a monthly fee for all this debauchery but what you pay in fees, you get 10 times back in pure, raw unadulterated, pleasure or pain.

Lou and Sue have been members for the last five years. They tried to make it to The Pleasure Palace as often as they can. Since the twins were born they have been going less often so they make the most of it when they have a rare chance to get out of the house.

Another member has an 18-year-old daughter, Lucy that babysits the twins every so often. So, when Lucy said she could babysit one Saturday night, Lou and Sue took the opportunity to go. What Lou and Sue didn’t realize that this night would be different, bringing unexpected and quite pleasurable outcomes.

Both went their separate ways once they reached the three-story house that was split up for different “activities” with stairs leading up and down and whichever path you took lead you to unimaginable choices.

After Lou made his rounds with different women, he watches a stage show where a raven hair beauty named Kate was participating in a bukkake with a number of men. After the show, he introduces himself and one thing lead to another. When they are finished, Lou leads Kate to go find Sue and introduce her to Kate.

When they find the “submissive” Sue being led around by a leash by Mistress Teri, the sexiest Mistress in Texas, Lou knew that they were going to have some fun.

Afterwards, Kate accepted Lou and Sue’s invitation to come back to their house to continue the fun. After driving Lucy home, Lou returns to find the two women engaged already. Lou walks to the kitchen to make some coffee and when he does he sees someone sneaking around the back. To his surprise, it’s Lucy, who snuck out of her house to come back to see what was going on.

After admitting her desire to join in the festivities, the night would be a very special one. What happens the rest of the night will stay with all of them for a long, long time.

. As the men swam, the two women checked out each other bodies and started talking like old friends.

After the men came up, the new couple asked if they would like to go get something to eat together, which Lou and Sue said they would like but they had no place to clean up. The new couple suggested that they come back to their motel room to clean up.

A motel room? New friends? It was going to be an interesting evening…one that none would forget.


Please don't stop.  I now look for your stories every time I log onto Smashwords or Amazon.  You really know how to make it hot, keep comin' and keep me cumming.


I've fantasied about stuff like this, wondering how it would happen, since I also have a conservative but hot wife.  Thanks for the story.


That was a hot!  How do you do it?  This couple is smoking hot!

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