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Jacket design by Hammad

Published: 2017 May 05

Words:  4,390

Tags:  anal sex, light bondage, interracial, MFF, threesome, toys

Milk Chocolate Threesome

ISBN: 978-13-10720796


Sue hasn’t seen her husband Lou for weeks now. Lou has been down in the Cayman Islands working. His job takes him all over the world and much to both of their regret, he is gone too much, especially for Sue and her needs. Sue gets very lonely when Lou is gone and the built-up anticipation her body and mind creates in waiting to see him can sometimes become overwhelming.

When Lou finally calls Sue, and tells her to fly down to the islands and meet him has Sue in a tizzy because she knows the sex will be incredible. The sex is always incredible but what makes it even better is that Lou always comes up with new ideas to make their sex life even more exciting and satisfying. Sue knows this time will be no different so she can hardly contain herself as the limo takes her to the hotel where he is staying.

Lou has a very vivid imagination and that’s just one of the things Sue loves him for. She knows their sex life will never, ever become boring. Sue’s pussy is throbbing and moist thinking about what he has plan for this sexcapade. As she gets closer to the hotel, her mind whirls with all the possibilities on what will happen on this trip. Will he have a cabana boy watch as he fucks my ass? Will he make me walk around naked so the locals can view my body?

Upon arriving, Lou is there to meet her at the door, Lou takes her in his arms and gives her a passionate kiss and saying nothing, leads her to their room. Upon entering, the first thing Sue notices is a huge chocolate brown dildo, that she has lovingly named “Black Bart “, lying on the bed. Lou has used this on her many times, bringing hours of pleasure to her.

Lou tells Sue that he has some surprises for her. To Sue, Black Bart is never a surprise but the way Lou uses it, is always a surprise. Wasting no time, Lou has Sue strip and get on the bed. Lou proceeds to tie her to the bed.

There is a knock on the door and Lou leaves her naked and tied to the bed. What Lou brings back into the room with him will forever change her life.

 5 Stars - Totally Surprised and Pleasurably Pleased!

I thought the story was going to be another (same ole, same ole) threesome story but I wasn't expecting what happened. Once again, I was amazed at how this author takes you down a familiar path but just when you think, here we go again in the same way as every other story...she changes directions and I totally loved it! By the time I was done reading, I had to have a little "private time" to myself. Very good read and very hot!

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I love it!

Sexy lil thing

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