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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 May 03

Words:  48,030

Tags:  anal sex, bi-sexual, blowjobs,  consensual sex, cum swallowing,  Female/Male, group sex, lesbian, oral sex, threesome, vacationwife

Awakening In Paradise

ISBN 97-804-63907771

Sue and Lou have become the typical married couple. They have been married a few years now and have two beautiful children that they adore and even though they love each other totally and completely; their sex life has come to a screeching halt, boring and stagnant. It’s not the fault of either spouse but rather the everyday life of raising children.

As most couples realize, there was so much more time before marriage for sex and the joy of trying new things to spice up lovemaking. After marriage, children become priority and sex becomes secondary to everything else. No matter how hard they tried, life got in the way. That doesn’t stop couples from trying and that is exactly what Sue and Lou wanted to do.

Thanks to Sue’s parents, Sue and Lou had finally arranged a week vacation to a high-end all-inclusive resort down in the Virgin Islands. They wanted to use this time to discover and explore each other and try to rekindle their sex life which had become nonexistent since the children came along. They were both very excited to relax, let loose and just have fun.

After checking in at the hotel, finding their room, which happened to be more than just a typical hotel but rather more like a penthouse suite then an ordinary deluxe room. After unpacking, Sue put on a skimpy but modest swimsuit and Lou threw on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and they both went down to the pool to start relaxing and enjoying themselves.

The first thing Lou noticed was the absence of any children under the age of 18. The silence from the lack of noise from typical children was music to his ears and right away the stress was lifted from him. Sue felt the same way. Not that they did not miss their kids but the silence was golden. Another thing that both noticed was all the gorgeous bodies around them, both male and female and the skimpy outfits all of them wore.

Just looking had both Lou and Sue inner sexual desires beginning to stir. That’s when Jerome and Victoria came and sat by them and as they say in the movies: ‘And here begins our story…’. Jerome and Victoria were about to bring out desires that Lou and Sue always thought about but never acted upon and would forever change their lives.


Please don't stop.  I now look for your stories every time I log onto Smashwords or Amazon.  You really know how to make it hot, keep comin' and keep me cumming.


I've fantasied about stuff like this, wondering how it would happen, since I also have a conservative but hot wife.  Thanks for the story.


That was a hot!  How do you do it?  This couple is smoking hot!

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