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Fan Asked Questions


Sinisterscout - Tumblr


Sinisterscout:  Hi.  Do you mind if I ask you some questions about getting publish?

Sue Teri:  What's the question?


Sinsterscout:  I've started writing short stories an I'm thinking of trying to get a collection of them published after I get finished.  How did you go about getting published?

Sue Teri:  The easiest self eBook publisher is Smashwords at  They have all the information you need to get published.


Sinisterscout:  Awesome!  Thank you.



Innerminded - Tumblr

Innerminded:  Just curious, is this fan page?  Or are you the author?  Also, very interesting follow list you have.

Sue Teri:  I'm the author.

Innerminded:  Sent that question awhile ago, almost forgot about it.  Thanks for answering...I like the look of your story content. 


Suet Teri:   Thanks.  Check out my website for all my titles



Hottieswithequipment - Tumblr

Hottieswithequipment:   Are your books about you or just your interests?

Sue Teri:  Both

Hottieswithequipment:  You live a wonderful life!!

Suet Teri:   Thanks.

Hottieswithequipment:  What made you become a writer?

Sue Teri:  It's interesting and fun.

Hottieswithequipment:  Or is it called an author?

Sue Teri:  I like knowing that my stories may get women or men aroused so that they will masturbate.


Hottieswithequipment:  What I read I considered it.

Sue Teri:  LOL


Hottieswithequipment:  Your stories are like reading a book.  Not like some poor lame porn stories.

Sue Teri:  Thanks.

Hottieswithequipment:  What's your favorite thing to do?

Sue Teri:  I assume you mean sexually?

Hottieswithequipment:  In general.

Sue Teri:  When not writing.  Like going to the movies.  Cuddling with my husband.  Cooking with him.

Hottieswithequipment:  Sounds nice.  I haven't been to a movie in years.

Sue Teri:  You need to check out all my books at my website,

Hottieswithequipment:  I don't know if I should.  My hands may fall off.  LOL

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