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Jacket design by Maya (designers_hub)

Published: 2018 October 11

Words:  8,680

Tags:  blue moon, consensual sex, cunnilingus, exhibition, Female/Female, first time, full moon, Hallow Eve, lesbian, lesbian sex, oral sex, pussy eating, trick or treat,  Wicca, Wiccan

Hallow Blue Moon

ISBN 97-804-63809853


It’s Halloween! Are you scared? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of monsters? Of goblins? Of things that go bump in the night? For Sue, none of those frightened her. What scares Sue more than anything is her feelings towards Teri, her very good friend. Sue is in love with Teri and has been for a very long time but has been too scared to act on her feelings, to tell Teri how she really feels. What’s even scarier is not knowing how Teri will respond once she does tell her. Will Teri be scared of Sue? Will she run away screaming?

If all that wasn’t scary enough for Sue, she had other things to be scared of. Sue is Catholic, with a strict upbringing with no room for lesbians and her parents not knowing she is gay. How will they react when they find out? Then there’s Teri, she’s a Wiccan. Sue and Teri are on the opposite sides of the spectrum with religion, or are they? Sue has heard all her life that Wiccan’s worship Satan. How can she have feelings for a person who worships Satan? Will Sue’s feelings towards Teri be stronger than all her fears put together.

Sue has to take her young nephew trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. When they reached the last house in the neighborhood and they knock on the door, Sue is shocked when Teri answers the door dressed in a see-through Wiccan ceremonial dress. Sue is at a loss for words but Teri is pleasantly surprised to see Sue. Teri tells Sue about the Wiccan ceremony they were going to have later on that night and invites Sue to attend.

Sue was supposed to attend a boring Halloween party with her parents but she doesn’t want to pass up an opportunity to be with Teri so she decides to lie to her parents so she can sneak over and attend the Wiccan ceremony. A few months before, Sue secretly had bought a sexy outfit in the hopes of wearing it for Teri. Tonight, would be that night.

What happens this Halloween night will change Sue forever. On this full moon night, we are going to answer all those scary questions and maybe just a little bit more, especially since there is someone hiding in the background, someone called the Watcher who sees more than they are supposed to.


Very hot!!! Keep up the great work.



Clear and well described, and believable.  You set the scene well, and I could really see it in my imagination.  Definitely one to add to my favorites list!


And a good time was had by all! Well done!

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