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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 April 12

Words:  6,890

Tags:  big cock,  consensual sex, cruise, cunnilingus, fellatio, fingering, group sex, Italian, masturbation, oral sex, soccer team, tit fuck, toys, vaginal sex, vibrator

Rome To Rome Cruise

ISBN 97-813-70529698

Teri had been working a lot of hours at her first job since leaving college. She was totally exhausted and needed a break and since summer time was close, she decided to take off a week for vacation. She wanted to go someplace special but also someplace relaxing. She also did not want to go alone so she decided to ask her best friend, Sue, to go on the trip with her.

Teri had not seen Sue for a long time so she was hoping Sue could get off to take the trip with her. When she called Sue, Sue was more than happy to agree to go on the trip because she also was in need for an overdue break. Teri and Sue were more like sisters than best friends, sharing everything with each other, which included boyfriends. They both had the same sexual appetite and Teri knew that there would be plenty of opportunities for sexual encounters while on this trip.

Sue asked Teri where they were going but Teri told her that it was a surprise but to pack for warm weather. They made plans to meet at the airport in New York. Teri told Sue she would tell her their final destination when they met. As soon as Teri saw Sue walking up to her in the airport, Teri was flooded with warm recollections of all the things they had shared together since they became best friends. The love that Teri had for Sue was overwhelming. They hugged each other for a good 10 minutes, basking in each other’s arms.

When Teri led Sue to the gate that was headed for Italy, Sue squealed out in delight because Sue had always wanted to go to Italy. While on the plane, Teri explained the whole trip to Sue. Teri had booked a luxurious cruise around the Mediterranean, stopping at different historical locations but their main objective was finding Italian men for sex. Teri knew that between the two of them, this cruise was going to be full of sex and excitement.

After Teri told Sue about the cruise and caught up each other about their lives, it was time to go to sleep for the rest of the flight and to rest up for the cruise because they both knew it was going to be very exhausting.

The fun began as soon as they landed in Rome.


Sounds like we had a TON OF FUN lol...oh, and the Italian Stallion says "hi" he's still the


Ooooh Sue!!! I love the super sexy, juicy scenes and the way you wove the Italian and English languages together. Superb again!!!


A must read!!! This story made me cum so hard. I would love to find Gino. You are my favorite writer Sue. I wish I could give it 10 stars

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