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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 December 14

Words:  8,420

Tags:  consensual  college, exhibition, hardcore men's magazine, masturbation, modeling, photograph, video 

Extra Cash Posing

ISBN: 97-813-70170425

Most college students during the college careers will find themselves short of funds.  Sue was no different.  Looking in the classifieds of the university’s newspaper, she came across several advertisements. 

One caught her attention, Photo Shoot Model $500.  Sue assume for that amount of money that the modeling must be nude.  After debating the pros and cons of modeling, Sue decided to call. 

The photographer Justin DeFront told her that modeling was in lingerie. The lingerie range from nightgown to bras and panties with some of the lingerie would be skimpy like lacy thongs.


However if Sue wanted to make more money, she could earn $1000 posing for nude for hardcore men’s magazine or she could shoot a video for $3000.

Sue had some decisions to make, whether to pose lingerie, which she felt comfortable enough to do.  Pose naked and having her most inner private parts photographed close up.  Alternatively, shoot a video of her masturbating.

Decisions…decisions…decisions to make extra cash!


I love those stories.  I can feel her embarrassment and her excitement. 


Pretty steamy, credible, and well written.  An enjoyable read.


Thanks  for giving me at wet tummy!


This is a fantasy of mine!

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