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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 February 15

Words:  5,200

Tags:  championship game, bukkake, consensual sex, exhibition, friends watch, hand jobs, legs top, masturbation, nice slippery, strip tease, touching chest, unbuttoned buttons, wet stuff

Championship Choice

ISBN 97-813-70132201

Lou played on a national lacrosse championship while in college. Every year him and several of his buddies would travel to watch national championship on Memorial Day.

However, this year he was unable to go to championship game, so he invited his friends to watch the game on his large flat screen TV at Sue and Lou’s home. So, Sue was not looking forward to spending the day with Lou’s obnoxious friends watch lacrosse, drinking beer and eating junk food.

The Thursday day before championship weekend, Lou had to go out of town on business and was supposed to return that Saturday. However, he had to stay longer. Even though Sue was sad that Lou will not be home for the weekend, she was very happy that she wasn’t going see Lou’s friends. She was going to have the house to herself.

The morning of the game Sue received call from Lou saying that guys were still coming over to watch the game on their TV. She was furious that guys were coming over while Lou was gone.

When the four men arrived, she let them graciously and when the pre-game started, she went upstairs.  The guys were yelling and carrying on that it made it difficult for her concentrating reading her book. Since Lou was here, she decided to get revenged. She dressed in her sluttiest outfit and went downstairs to give them a choice; watch the championship game or watch her being a slut.


Can I get invited to your house on Memorial Day?


I, too, am no great fan of spectator sports.  So I really enjoyed the girl's sexy diversion, especially when it was described so erotically.  She also retaliated beautifully against her boyfriend's macho attitude to her own time and property. She taught all five of them about life's real values.



Loved the story Miranda.  Bet the boyfriend won't be inviting guests over without him present anymore


Excellent idea. I wish I had thought of it years ago.  He obviously has no concept of the give and take that is required in a relationship.  You just don't force crap like that on someone.  Sue was brilliant in the way she handled these predictable slugs.  Kudos to her for having the hutzpah to put them where they belong!


I love your stories Sue!

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