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Published: 2018 November 22

Words:  6,170

Tags:  anal play, anal sex, blowjobs, college sex, consensual sex, cream pie, cum swallowing, deep throat, fellatio, Female/Male, fingering, first time, oral sex, prostrate, public, swallow, toys, wager, young couple

Bottom Wager

ISBN 97-804-63064801


Do you like to gamble? Maybe not professionally but just for fun. How many of us have made friendly wagers with our coworkers, family and friends? I’m sure growing up you made wagers with your brother or sister so you can get out of doing chores. If I win, you have to do my chores for the next two weeks. If I lose, I will do your chores. Silly stuff like that.

Well, Lou and Sue are no different than anyone else. Ever since they started dating they have made silly, fun wagers with one another. No matter what their little wagers were, it was all in fun and always led to great sex.

One of those wagers happened at a hotel room. Sue had lost a bet and because she lost, she was out on the balcony were anyone could see them, semi naked, giving Lou a blowjob while he filmed it. Even though Sue was scared that someone would see them, she was actually turned on and gave Lou one of the best blowjobs he had ever received from her, which led to full-blown sex.

The next morning when they got back to Lou’s house, he reminded her to fill the car up with gas before she went back to school. She was half mad at him and told him she would fill the car. Sue was always running out of gas and it became an ongoing teasing from Lou. When they got into the house, they were still horny from the night before so they picked up from where they left off.

During the sex, Sue tried to use her fingers to play with Lou’s ass but he pushed her away. Of all the stuff that they like doing during sex, ass play was difficult for both of them. Lou wanted to have anal sex with Sue but she didn’t want to and Sue wanted to finger Lou’s ass but he didn’t want it. Each one of them knew the other would like it but neither one was giving in to it.

To break the stalemate, they placed a wager. If Sue could go two months without running out of gas, then she could finger his ass. If she lost, then Lou could take her ass. Which one will win? Would someone cheat to win? What would you do? Only one way to find out.


This story was amazing, I read it picturing and ex girlfriend of mine had anal the first time and it was a good mental picture.  Thank you so much for sharing. 



I know it not his favorite but I get turned on by fingering my boyfriend's ass.  He let's me do it in the shower as long as I let him "reciprocate" by burying himself in my bum.  It's the hottest thing ever...wish more guys were secure with anal play.  Such a huge turn on!   


Really went into the story and got completely absorbed, reading it with a silly smile on my face.  Thanks for that!

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