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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 December 07

Words:  10,113

Tags:  anal sex, anilingus, ass to mouth, blowjobs, consensual sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, Female/Female, Female/Male/Female oral sex, Santa Claus, threesome, vaginal sex

Naughty And Nice

ISBN: 97-813-70114962


Nicholas and Mary Claus have been together since they were teenagers. She loved him before he was Santa Claus. Martha was loyal, loving, helpful, and an all-around good wife to Saint Nicholas. However, now Santa Claus' was alone without his faithful lover and companion who pasted away at the beginning of the year. Christmas just didn't feel the same for him anymore. He didn't carry himself with his usual jolly demeanor and it made what was usually his favorite time of the year painful to bear. He stood in front of his mirror on his plush lounge that was lined with Christmas lights and a fully lit tree with candy canes and garland and all of the holiday trimmings around that would usually make him happy but not this year.

The head elf, Barnard knew Santa was depressed with the loss of his beloved Mary.  He convinced Saint Nicholas that he need to move on and he would take care of all the matchmaking and all the searching for him. Santa regrettably agreed.

Barnard scoured the world over looking for a new Mrs. Claus. His search short listed to two women.  However, the women were not only best of friends but were also lovers.

After delivering all the present to children, the last stop was a chalet in Switzerland where Bernard will present the two women to Santa.  Informing the two ladies that were the finalist for being the next Mrs. Claus, Bernard told them to get dress up in their sexist holiday themed attire. 

Santa was not amused. Barnard instead that one of these ladies would make the perfect Mrs. Claus. 

The head elf instructed the girls that it was up to them to convince Santa who would make him the perfect wife.  Barnard left to attend the reindeers so that they could be alone.

The competition began. Will Santa choose between naughty or nice?


My favorite stories are the ones that are well written and make me smile and laugh. You nailed both!

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