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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 April 19

Words:  3,270

Tags:  aphrodisiac, chocolate  consensual sex, cunnilingus, Female/Female fingering, first time, French kissing, lesbian first time, pussy eating, Valentine's Day

Tasty Perfection

ISBN 97-813-70450084

Do you believe in fate? What about Cupid? Whether you believe or not, maybe this story will help you start to believe.

It’s Valentine’s Day and on this special day for lovers, it’s a time to share their love in a special way.

Sue, a beautiful young woman whose life has been empty for the last year. She found out that her boyfriend of five years had been cheating on her with different women. Sue remembers going to her boyfriend’s apartment to stash a box of Valentine’s Day candy and a love note inside. What she didn’t expect was to find one of the other girlfriends stashing her special Valentine gift to him. Since that day, Sue has been alone and wondering if she would ever have someone special in her life again.

What made it worse was that Sue worked in a chocolate shop and it being Valentine’s Day, it was going to be the most depressing day of the year and seeing all these boxes of chocolate being purchased for someone’s significant other, made her even sadder.

Another beautiful young woman, Teri, was also empty and depressed. She had been in love with another woman and was going to ask her to move in with her on Valentine’s Day but just a week before, the love of her life broke up with her, leaving her heartbroken and wondering, what’s the point in this crazy universe?

Teri has been moping around her apartment but her loving dog, Spirit was having none of it and pestered Teri to take him for a walk. After bundling up, Teri and Spirit went for their walk. 15 minutes into their walk, Teri’s cell phone rang and even though she did not recognize the number, she answered.

It was the owner of the chocolate store where she had ordered a box of chocolates for her lover. She had completely forgotten about it and told the owner just to give it away.

When the owner got off the phone, he turned to Sue and said that the buyer did not want the chocolates and he told Sue that she could have them. Sue looked at the note and saw that they were for a lady named Lana and the note said, “Please move in with me”.

What Sue and Teri didn’t know was that Cupid had his own intentions for this box of “Tasty Perfection”.


I enjoyed reading your story, I hope you continue it.


I think I need to get myself to a chocolatier, stat! Fantastic writing and a great story!


I too love to eat both pussy and chocolate.  Well done - Thanks.


Wow!  Amazing work.  Very will written.  Totally too me with you in wild ride and felt the sexual awakening she experienced!  Very hot!

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