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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 January 25

Words:  4,790

Tags:  blowjobs, consensual sex, exhibition, fellatio, masturbation, oral sex, toy, vibrator

Good Vibration

ISBN 97-813-70654017

Sue and Lou broke up more than three years ago, with Lou going off to law school. After getting her BS degree, Sue decided to move to Washington DC and finish graduate school. She decided she would live with her cousin and concentrate on her schooling.

Within the first week, Sue’s cousin was already trying to set her up on blind dates. Sue really wasn’t interested in dating but her cousin was persistent, telling Sue that there was a lot of rich lawyers just looking for someone to go out with.

Sue’s cousin told her about this brilliant lawyer who was about to join a very prestigious law firm. She said that he had just finished clerking for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. All Sue could think about was this stuffy lawyer who would be full of himself and be utterly boring.

After being badgered by her cousin for over a week, Sue agreed to go out with this uppity lawyer she was sure he would be. Sue told her cousin to have the lawyer call her and set up a date. Sue was dreading him calling and had decided to tell him no, despite the aggravation her cousin would place upon her. When the lawyer called to make the date, Sue was totally blown away with surprise and happiness.

The lawyer who Sue’s cousin had set her up with was none other than Lou. Sue was shocked but pleasantly surprised and couldn’t wait to see him. The date was set for the next Saturday evening and Sue was a nervous wreck. Sue wanted to make a great impression but she was also extremely horny every time she thought about Lou and the things they used to do together.

One of the things they enjoyed was surprising one another with special gifts and the special gift Sue had planned on giving Lou was herself. Sue had planned for a very special evening for Lou’s enjoyment. Earlier that day, she went to a local sex toy shop and bought a slim red vibrator with batteries and a remote-control.

Sue had planned the whole evening out, what she was going to do and what she wanted Lou to do to her. What she did not expect was how Lou was going to react and act upon her scheming. What happened that evening was something neither would forget anytime soon.


Amongst the best ever



I'll have to change underpants.



I fucked myself so hard and had a vibrator on my pussy this whole time...I kept myself from coming then I did at the very end!  Absolutely phenomenal.


Being a public masturbator myself...I truly felt the intensity of Sue's orgasmic need...keep writing.


I had a vibrator while reading this and I squirted so much!

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