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Jacket design by Alana (lilithx)

Published: 2018 January 11

Words:  4,300

Tags:  blowjobs, consensual sex,  fellatio, oral sex, Teacher / student sex, vaginal sex

Final Grades

ISBN 97-813-70992164

What does a young attractive and sexy teacher think about when issuing final grades to her Senior class? Did they deserve this final grade? Will they be successful out in the world? Will they look back and remember her for helping them reach their goals? Will some of them end up using drugs and going to prison?

This is only a couple things that Sue, the teacher of the senior class, has on her mind as she sits at her desk on the same day as graduation distributing the final grades. This senior class has been very special to her with quite a few favorite students who she has taken under her wings; mostly boys with a few girls also.

The 18-year old boys needed more direction than the girls so Sue spent more time making sure they had every opportunity to excel. Sue would take time out of her busy schedule to tutor them, helping them out with their homework and assignments, making sure they understood everything she was trying to teach.

Sue also knew that a couple of the boys had a crush on her and pretended to need help just so they could be around her. Sue knew how they looked at her while walking around the class teaching, especially if she wore something tight and sexy. There were times when she wore these outfits on purpose because secretly, she enjoyed the attention that it brought her from the males in her class.

There were even times that she thought about them doing more to her than just looking. Those were the times she enjoyed most because she knew that she could teach them so much more about life with hands-on demonstrations instead of just reading from a book.

She had many daydreams and even dreams at night whereby she would take certain ones from her class and give them special tutoring and allow them to gain real knowledge and real-life experiences.

As Sue finishes up her grading, she is interrupted by three of her favorite 18-year old students: Brad, John and Richard. Brad has been her number one favorite student with John and Richard coming in at a close second.

When she asked them what they are there for and Brad begins by saying how thankful he was for her help…Sue wonders is this reality or is it another dream? I guess we’re about to find out.



This describes passionate loves so perfectly it almost makes this old man weep for what might have been, had I not let my first and greatest love get away

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