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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2018 September 13

Words:  19,070

Tags:  bi-sexual blowjobs, consensual sex, cum swallowing, cunnilingus, Female/Female, fingering, first time, French maid uniform, lesbian, lesbian first time, masturbation, mature sex, older Male/Female, oral sex, spanking, threesome, toys, vaginal sex, virginity, voyerium, young

Boutique Hotel Chambermaid

ISBN 97-804-63846179

Summer was approaching and Teri was blue because she had little or no friends at school and the summer look very dismal.  She asked her parents if she could go to England and work at her grandparent’s boutique hotel.  Teri’s parent knew she was going to be miserable so they agreed that she could go to England and work as a chambermaid. 

Teri befriended another chambermaid name Sue.  Teri talked her grandparents it to let her to share the Sue’s chambermaid quarters.  Sue being older and worldlier, she taught young Teri how to explore her body while the long-term hotel guest rewarded her for exceptional housekeeping and turned-down services.  It will be an unforgettable summer.


Very hot!!! Keep up the great work.



Clear and well described, and believable.  You set the scene well, and I could really see it in my imagination.  Definitely one to add to my favorites list!


And a good time was had by all! Well done!

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