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Published: Soon

Words:  2,723

Tags: blowjob, bubble bath, cunnilingus,  cunt eating, fellatio, FF, masturbation, MFM, oral sex, threesome, vaginal sex, voyeurism

Surprise Threesome

ISBN: 978-13-70031887

It was finally Friday! It had been a long, stressful day, which added on to a very stressful week. There were a few times during the week that Sue didn’t think she would ever make it to the weekend but here it was and she was going to take advantage of it.

As soon as Sue got into the house, she went straight to the bathroom and started a hot bubble bath. While the tub was filling, Sue went to the bedroom, caught herself in the mirror and she had to smile. Her body still looked good dressed in a business skirt and blouse with her high heel pumps. Her body is still tight and this outfit was formed fitted to enhance every one of her curves. She knew she looked good and by the way her coworkers looked at her with their searching eyes, they enjoyed looking at her also.

Sue refocused on her objective and quickly undressed and went straight to the bathroom, to the bubble bath that she had drawn. As soon as her body sat down in the tub, the hot water began to loosen up her aching muscles. She thought to herself that the only thing better than a bubble bath was sex and she couldn’t wait for Lou to get home to prove her point.

While she was relaxing, her mind started to drift to a topic that she had been thinking about for the last nine months and seven months since she shared that specific fantasy with Lou, who was eager as she was to have it fulfilled. Just thinking about it made her both relaxed and excited. She had not even realized that she had drifted off to sleep until she heard the front door close and she was sitting in a tub of cold water.

Yelling out to Lou that she would be with him in a few minutes that she was just getting out of the tub. She wanted to hurry to go give Lou a kiss and bring him back in to the bedroom to prove that sex was better than a bubble bath. She barely dried herself off and threw on a robe half ass, barely tied together and went out to meet Lou.

What she saw was a beautiful blonde stranger standing next to Lou. She knew right then, that her fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

At 3:15 AM, everyone finally left. Now their evening would truly begin…

 5 Stars - Very Hot!!!

Once again Sue Teri bring out my sexual fantasies and desires! I love the way she describe everything in detail.  Every time I read one of her stories, I feel like I'm right there participating in the action.  Now if I can only get my boyfriend to share in these same fantasies! Thank you Sue Teri again and can't wait for her next fantasy come true!

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