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Published: 17 August 2017

Words:  5,010

Tags: anal sex, cum swallowing, facial, gang bang, oral sex, vaginal sex, voyeurism

Five At One Time

ISBN: 978-13-70786596

What is it about gang bangs that turn some women into animals. Lou and Sue had always had an open mind when it came to sex and neither held anything back when it came to their fantasies. As other times, Lou loved to watch Sue being fucked by another man.

So, here they were in the motel room with Sue having sex with four other men, while Lou watched. Lou knew he would join in shortly but for now, he loved watching the other four men fill all of Sue’s orifices while she moaned out in pleasure.

While Sue was being pleasured, she was thinking back on how she went from one man fucking her while Lou watched, to having four men pleasure her.

She remembered weeks before when Steve, one of their friends, was pounding her, while Lou watched, that the idea came to her that if Lou like to watch another man fuck her, how much more would he get off my watching four other men have sex with her.

Later that evening while they laid in bed talking about what happened that afternoon, Sue brought up the topic of her having sex with multiple       men at one time. At first, she didn’t think Lou liked the idea because he didn’t say anything right away. After a few minutes of silence, Lou reached over to kiss her and right before his lips touched hers, he looked into her eyes and asked: “when do we start?”

Sue got a big grin on her face and pulled Lou towards her and gave him a passionate kiss, which led to sex for the next couple hours.

The next morning, Sue asked Lou if he was still up to the idea of the gangbang and he said he 100% into it. Sue normally picked out the man who would have sex with her while Lou watched but she told him that she didn’t have time and for him to pick out the men because he knew what her taste in men were as good as her.

Two weeks later, everything was arranged and both of them met up with the four men at a local pub. As soon as they were all seated, Sue heartedly agreed with Lou’s choices and knew she was in for very exciting evening.

So, back to present and these four men. Oh, what a night it was…


This a story for you. Reading about Sue being ravished by five men, including her husband is such a turn on. Sometimes while watching TV with my boyfriend, I have had this same fantasy and I want to tell him about it. Until I get up enough courage, I will reread the story over and over, enjoying and savoring every detail that you do so well. Thank you

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