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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 October 11

Words:  2,820

Tags:  consensual sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, Female/Male, incest, mother/son, oral sex, vaginal sex

Confession Of A Mother

ISBN: 978-13-70037247

Best friends, Sue and Teri, sitting on the porch one late Saturday afternoon drinking wine as they watched Sue’s oldest son, Jack, cut the back grass. Both a little tipsy, both a little horny and after two bottles of wine, lips become loose and things get said that maybe shouldn’t be said.

They have been best friends since before Jack was even born and have always shared everything with one another and have always made comments about men so it wasn’t anything new when Teri commented about how hot Jack looked in just a pair of shorts without a shirt, sweat glistening off his body.

Sue also thought that her son looked hot and in one of those “loose lips” moments, muttered out that he even looked better without his shorts. Before she could take back what she just let slip, Teri was giving her the third degree, trying to drag out of Sue what she was talking about.

Sue tried to change the subject but Teri was relentless in her pursuit in finding out what Sue meant by that comment. After another glass of wine, Sue starts telling Teri her story about how her and Jack had started a more special relationship other than just mother and son.

Sue begins to tell Teri about how lonely she was after her husband, Lou passed away suddenly and how Jack took it upon himself to become man of the house, in more ways than one.

Sue begins to tell Teri how she caught Jack masturbating while watching porn on his TV and how the porn actress resembled Sue in every detail and how Jack was moaning out “mom” while he stroked his very hard member.

As Sue begins her story, Teri is already caught up in it and has taken matters into her own hands as she pleasures herself while listening to this sweet, sad, extremely hot story of how a mother and son went from being just mother and son to a special relationship beyond the wildest imagination Sue could have imagined.

A story of love, of mutual horniness, of passion, and pure raw sex that can happen between a mother and son; things that are not supposed to happen between a mother and son but turned out to be something that both of them needed in their lives.

A loving journey that turns into deeply satisfied pleasure.

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