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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 September 14

Words:  20,203

Tags:  anal sex, bukkake, consensual, cunninglus, fellatio, Female/Female/Male+, Female/Male+, extreme fetish, oral sex, sperm, vaginal sex

Addiction To Cream Obsession

ISBN: 978-13-70637850

Can an addiction ever be satisfied? Can you truly overcome some addictions? What if the addiction has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol? What if the addiction is for cum? I know you’re asking yourself, how can anyone be addicted to cum? The answer might surprise you. So, you’re addicted to cum. What’s the best way to satisfy your craving for this creamy, white goodness? How can you get enough to curb your addiction? Then you have to ask yourself, once I get my fix, will it satisfy me or will I become more addicted and need bigger fixes?

Let’s not get to that last question just yet but let’s answer the first question. What’s the best way to satisfy your craving? How do you begin to get your fix? That’s the question Sue and her best friend, Teri, have to answer because Sue, is an addict. Sue loves cum more than any drug or alcohol she could consume. Sue is an addict for cum. Unlike drugs or alcohol, this addiction doesn’t cost any money but it still comes at a price. How big of a price? We’re about to find out.

Teri knows Sue is in a bad way and knows to get that much cum to curb Sue’s “need”, that lot guys will need to be involved. Teri has watched Sue have sex with 25 guys without blinking an eye and be covered from head to toe with gooey cum and wanting more. Those 25 guys could not satisfy her cum craving so she knew as bad as Sue needed a fix, 25 guys would not cut it, Sue would need more, lots more.

Sue and Teri came up with the idea to create a website, inviting men from the tri-state area, and either further, if need be, to help Sue with her little “problem”. They put an anonymous email address for all those who were interested to reply to. On the website, all information pertaining to this “Cum Party” fix, along with all pertinent information as to the rules and instructions.

Sue and Teri thought they might get maybe 100 responses but by the end of the week, they were astounded when 2100 men had responded back. Teri was hoping that would give Sue the fix she needed. Time to find out how bad Sue’s addiction really is.


I am at a loss for words on how hot that story made me. Every time I thought Sue was at her limit in her quest, she pushed it beyond that limit and I was truly amazed. I had to read it over and over just to comprehend the enormous undertaking she took upon herself. If any woman is obsessed with this obsession, this is the book to read because your obsession could never match Sue's. Totally mind-boggling!

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