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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 November 30

Words:  8,300

Tags:  caught, consensual sex, constable, creampie, masturbation, outdoor sex, vaginal sex, voyeurism

Passionate Night Goes Awry

ISBN: 97-813-70286270

Hanging out at Lou’ house, Sue noticed it wasn’t Lou’s usual big party with hundred or so people. In fact it was small gathering of twenty including Sue.  But this small party was also different in another way―Sue was the only woman. Sue asked Lou about the other girls. He said they all were busy doing other things tonight.

Sue was playing pool with Lou and was getting beat. Lou and Sue have known each other for years and were very close friends who could talk about anything with each other. They were talking about his new girlfriend, Teri; suppling Sue with the most intimate details.  While lining up her next shot, Lou blurts out that she shaves her private parts making Sue miss by three inches. After finishing their game, they decide to take break and sat down on the leather sofa.

The topic of Teri’s shaven lower region intrigue Sue so she asked more questions. Sue admitted trimming down there but never shaving it all off. Everyone knew that Sue had very thick pubic hair from going naked at a nude beach during Spring Break. Lou suggested that Sue should shave it all off.

Unbeknownst to Sue and Lou, other guys where in earshot of their intimate conversation and they began daring Sue to shave her privates in front of all the guys.

Sue not known to back down for a dare, said she would if all the shaving implements she requested was available. Within twenty minutes Lou had everything she needed.

As promised she began the shaving exhibition.


Great as are all of your stories!


Love this Story!  Being shaved in public is a fantasy of mine. You did it superbly!


Including mine!  Great because the guys didn't fuck Sue at the end.  Let them suffer...ha, ha!  I definitely agree, a girls' night of group shaving is in order.


How the hell those guys resisted getting their dicks out and relieving their own tension escapes me!


My wife keeps her pussy smooth.  Its the best!

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